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There are four types of Membership:


Registered Member:  Registered membership is for people who have bees.  From 2022 onwards, for insurance reasons attendees on courses that involve handing bees will also need to be Registered members even if they do not have bees themselves; this will be included in the cost of the course. Our affiliation to the BBKA gives Registered members full BBKA benefits, which include third-party insurance for beekeeping activities, and Bee Disease Insurance for up to 3 hives. Because of the disease insurance element, the basic annual fee of £35 (2021-22) increases if you have more than 3 hives.

Partner Member:  Partner membership applies to the partners of Registered members who are themselves involved in beekeeping activities. They receive the same BBKA benefits, but at the reduced rate of £13.50.

Associate Members:  Associate membership is applicable to those who do not currently keep bees but who have completed approved training or, in the opinion of the trustees, have appropriate experience. Within the North Dorset BKA, Associate members have the same benefits and rights as Registered members, including the right to vote at general meetings, but they are not registered with the BBKA. The current annual fee is £13 (£14 a year from 1 Oct 21).

Associate members who acquire bees during the year will need to upgrade to Registered membership.

Friends: Friends membership is for anyone who is interested in beekeeping and wishes to learn more or assist with the Association’s work, but who does not have bees and is not on a course involving handling bees. Like Associates, Friends can attend all North Dorset BKA events, but they have no voting rights.
For more information on membership or to apply for membership, please use the contact page or email the Membership Secretary on You should be aware that the North Dorset BKA is managed mainly by email and that you will miss out on important beekeeping alerts and information and event details unless you agree to be on our email distribution list.


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