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There are 7 standard tetrominoes, numbered #1 to #7. These can be used as tiles on a grid:


They can be placed so that any Tetromino can take one of four rotated positions, for example:




You could tile an 8 by 5 grid like this for example:


The challenge is to tile this border using:
2 of #1, 3 of #2, 5 of #3
1 of #4, 2 of #5, 1 of #6
and 4 of #7
You might want to print this image by clicking on it then right-clicking on the image that opens and selecting Print. You can then use pencil and eraser to fill in your copy.


Second Challenge


The queen has a more difficult job - she has to deal with hexagons, not squares. She might see tetrahexominoes. A tetrahexomino is the shape formed by putting four hexagons together. Two tetrahexominoes are the same if one can be rotated or flipped over to make the other. Three of the tetrahexominoes are shown here. How many can you find in total?


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